Glass tube Variable Area Flowmeters with SIL Approval

In addition to the proven metal-cone variable area flowmeters, such as the H250 M40, the glass tube meters are now also available with SIL 2 approval for safety-related applications. 

Thus, a complete portfolio is also available of meters for extremely low flow rates of liquids (from ≥0.04 l/h or ≥0.1 GPH) and gases (from ≥5 Nl/h or 0.22 SCFH).

Like all other variable area flowmeters, these are so-called TYPE A devices, which means that all devices in redundant design can even be used in SIL 3 applications.

With this expansion, KROHNE has by far the widest product portfolio of SIL certified variable area flowmeters on the market and can serve practically all applications.

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5 products

H250 M40

Variable area flowmeter for liquids and gases

DK37 M8

Variable area flowmeter for advanced low liquid and gas flows


Variable area flowmeter for low liquid and gas flows


Variable area flowmeter for low flow gas or liquid applications and sample flow monitoring


Variable area flowmeter for basic applications